Foal Gallery

Heritage x City Miss 2009 Colt
Zentsov Street (USA) x Enation 2008 Filly - just sleeping
Scandal Keeper (USA) X Enation 2009 Filly

Stormy Maddie and her 2009 Filly x Scandal Keeper (USA)

This filly, now called It's Scandalous won her first trial
on Monday, 6 February, 2012 at Belmont 


Sugar Bun (Citidancer (IRE) x Gale Warning, 2008)
Three Sisters and her 2009 De Troy (ARG) Filly



Foals are weaned at approximately 6 - 8 months of age.  We handle the foals with care and patience to ensure that they learn the basic lessons with confidence.