Yearlings 2014


Number of Lots Catalogued 33
Number of Lots Sold 28
Number of Lots Withdrawn 0
Number Passed In 5
Gross Sales $939,000
Sale Average $33,535.71
Top Price $70,000



SUNDAY, MAY 18, 2014 AT 12 NOON

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As has been the case for every Yarradale Yearling Sale since 2009, Ron Sayers donates the proceeds from the sale of a Yearling to RED KITE - A Charity which supports children with Cancer, and their families.  This year, the donated Yearling was Lot 21 - Musket x Classic Miss, and our thanks go to David Harrison of Bridge Patrol Lodge, who took the bidding to $32,000.  Ron Sayers donates the entire proceeds to RED KITE.  Go to RED KITE to learn more about the valuable assistance they provide to kids with cancer and their families.

Results from the 5th Annual Yarradale Yearling Sale, held at the Stud on May 18, 2014 were as follows:

Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View Price Buyer
1 B F Musket La Sirenuse Pedigree    Photo $32,000  Fred Kersley
2 Ch C Scandal Keeper (USA) Tudor Vicky Pedigree    Photo $40,000 Roy Rogers
3 B F War Chant (USA) Vainremer Pedigree    Photo $40,000 Boomer B'Stock
4 C F Henny Hughes (USA) She's Captivating Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Paige Kenney
5 Br C Musket The Two of Us Pedigree    Photo $27,000 Vern Brockman
6 B F Spielmeister Cosmopolitan City Pedigree    Photo Passed In Available for Lease
7 B F Heritage Olgavich (NZ) Pedigree     Photo Leased Jill Lewis
8 B C War Chant (USA) Mutribah (USA) Pedigree    Photo $25,000 Ian Glading
9 B/Br F Scandal Keeper (USA) Hot in the City Pedigree    Photo Leased Justine Erkelens
10 B/Br F Musket Wynciti Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Justine Erkelens
11 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Colluvium Pedigree    Photo $45,000 Roy Rogers
12 B F Star Witness Pause Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Paul Jordan
13 B C War Chant (USA) Enticing Smile Pedigree    Photo $34,000 Vern Brockman
14 Br F Siwss Ace Rose of Dane Pedigree    Photo $32,000 Paul Jordan
15 B C Ad Valorem (USA) Long Walk Pedigree    Photo $65,000 Roy Rogers
16 B F War Chant (USA) Pennywest Pedigree    Photo $26,000 Jill Lewis
17 B F Hard Spun (USA) Halibery Pedigree    Photo $70,000 L Smith /Boomer B'Stock
18  B/Br C War Chant (USA) Sunbeam Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Gavin Foster
19 B F Scandal Keeper (USA) Los Pelambres Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Premium B'Stock
20 Ch F Ad Valorem (USA) Lady Lightning (USA) Pedigree    Photo $65,000 Paul Jordan
21 B C Musket Classic Miss Pedigree    Photo $32,000 David Harrison
22 B F War Chant (USA) Let's Get Even (USA) Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Colin Webster
23 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Colleges Pedigree    Photo $30,000 Danny Morton
24 Br F Musket Diamonds And Dust Pedigree    Photo $25,000 Roy Rogers
25 B F Rothesay Salisbury Street Pedigree    Photo Leased Dan Pearce
26 B C War Chant (USA) Antrim Solina (CAN) Pedigree    Photo $40,000 Roy Rogers
27 B F Scandal Keeper (USA) Feint Pedigree    Photo $23,000 Kevin Fowler
28 Bl/Br F Musket Sharne Pedigree    Photo $20,000 Stephen Wolfe
29 B C Red Hot Choice Stormy Maddie Pedigree    Photo $26,000 Roy Rogers
30 B F War Chant (USA) Shan Dian Pedigree    Photo $65,000 Vern Brockman
31 Gr F Scandal Keeper (USA) Meedan Pedigree    Photo $25,000 Roy Rogers
32 B C Spielmeister Kiseki Dancer Pedigree    Photo $32,000 Gavin Foster
33 B F Heritage El Salvador Pedigree    Photo Leased Len Morton



  Day One Day Two
Number of Lots Catalogued 19 12
Number of Lots Sold 17 10
Number Withdrawn 0 0
Number Passed In 2 2
Gross Sales $1,177,000 $392,000
Sale Average $69,235.29 $39,200
Top Price $170,000 $55,000



Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View Price/Buyer
15 B C War Chant (USA) Arabian Lass (SAF) Pedigree Photo $60,000           World Wide Bloodstock
26 B C Oratorio Born Bold Pedigree Photo $47,500           World Wide Bloodstock
39 B C War Chant (USA) Dance on Wood Pedigree Photo $80,000              Glen Harvey Bloodstock
48 B F War Chant (USA) Endesa Pedigree Photo $60,000             Dion Luciani
60 Ch C Sebring Galenda Manor Pedigree Photo $100,000       Andrew Webster
70 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Happy and Famous Pedigree Photo $35,000             Dion Luciani
71 B/Br F Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Heptonstall Pedigree Photo $30,000                Ian Glading
82 B C Oratorio Irish Rumour Pedigree Photo Passed In - Leased
88 Ch C Scandal Keeper (USA) Ladidi Pedigree Photo $85,000             Dion Luciani
91 Br C Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Lady Belvedere Pedigree Photo $125,000     Constance Cheng
100 B C War Chant (USA) Leica Vista Pedigree Photo $50,000            Adam Durrant
109 B C War Chant (USA) Metallic Storm Pedigree Photo $170,000       Boomer Bloodstock
139 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Partisan Pedigree Photo $42,500   Commercial Bloodstock
148 B/Br C Beneteau Rapture Pedigree Photo $25,000             Craig Bermingham
158 Br F Lonhro Samsincharge (USA) Pedigree Photo $75,000              Rob Slade
171 Gr F Encosta de Lago Silver Seam Pedigree Photo Passed In
175 Ch F Choisir Spotless Mind (USA) Pedigree Photo $40,000             Dion Luciani
180 B F War Chant (USA) Tai Haku Pedigree Photo $110,000             Glen Harvey Bloodstock
191 B F Discorsi Vain Kiseki Pedigree Photo $42,000                M-Millions as Agent

Yarradale Stud (As Agent)

Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View Price/Buyer
31 Ch F Choisir Centro Gal Pedigree Photo Passed In
167 B C Domesday Shannon Wood Pedigree Photo $40,000            Peter Fernie



Lot# Col Sex Sire Dam View Price/Buyer
207 Br F Scandal Keeper (USA) Academy Girl Pedigree Photo $50,000           Brian Nathanson
224 Br C Musket Belgrave Square Pedigree Photo $42,000  Dion Luciani
238 Gr F War Chant (USA) Citinpretty Pedigree Photo $45,000   Constance Cheng
239 Ch F Time Thief Coldstream Lass (IRE) Pedigree Photo $40,000           Dion Luciani
257 B F War Chant (USA) Empower Me Pedigree Photo $27,000 Commercial Bloodstock
305 B/Br C Scandal Keeper (USA) Last Reply Pedigree Photo $40,000          Steve Rowe
308 Ch C Henny Hughes (USA) Lyonnais (IRE) Pedigree Photo $44,000              Ben Pearce
326 B C Heritage Moss Flyer Pedigree Photo $23,000            Brent Albuino
336 B C Musket Partridge Pedigree Photo Passed In
339 B C War Chant (USA) Pretentious Pedigree Photo $55,000          Gavin Foster
363 B C Discorsi Sansu Pedigree Photo Passed In
384 B C Heritage Storm Fille Pedigree Photo $26,000          Martin Epis


Yarradale Stud (As Agent)

Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View Price/Buyer
234 B C Musket Brynhild Pedigree Photo Passed In
263 B F Discorsi Find The Time Pedigree Photo $35,000            Dan Morton