Yearlings 2015


The 2015 annual Yarradale Yearling Sale was held at the Stud on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  For the first time in seven years, we experienced rain and strong wind gusts throughout the sale, but that did not deter a strong band of buyers.  Of 40 Lots offered, 24 sold, one was withdrawn, and of the remaining 15, all but three were leased at the conclusion of the sale.  All remaining lots have now been leased.

The top price was $57,500 paid by Aquanita Racing for Lot 15, a chestnut colt by Scandal Keeper (USA) from the Marauding mare Endesa.  This colt is a half brother to CHANTSKI, the 2YO group winner by War Chant (USA).

The sale totalled $663,500, with the average price being $27,645.


Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View Sale Price Purchaser/ Lessor
1 B F Discorsi Chaud Roche Pedigree    Photo WITHDRAWN  
2 Ch C Scandal Keeper (USA) Empower Me Pedigree   Photo $30,000 Santo Guigliardo
3 B/Br F Musket Belle Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased F W Maynard
4 Ch C Ad Valorem (USA) Royal Encore (USA) Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Chris Willis
5 B F War Chant (USA) Olgavich (NZ) Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Alanis O'Hara
6 B/Br F Scandal Keeper (USA) Let's Get Even (USA) Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Colin Webster
7 B C Discorsi Madam Be Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Alanis O'Hara
8 B F Stratum Factional Pedigree   Photo $31,000 Gavin Foster
9 B/Br C War Chant (USA) Colleges Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Stephen Wolfe
10 Bl/Br F Scandal Keeper (USA) Centa Vista Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Dion Luciani
11 B C Musket Krystal Storm Pedigree   P/In: Leased Paul Jordan
12 B F Discorsi Mega Me Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Gavin Foster
13 B C Tickets Hasty Snip Pedigree   Photo $23,000 Roy Rogers
14 B F War Chant (USA) Aflett Alexandra (USA) Pedigree   P/In: Leased Chris Willis
15 Ch C Scandal Keeper (USA) Endesa Pedigree   Photo $57,500 Aquanita Racing
16 Br F Musket Trimagic Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Dion Luciani
17 B F Scandal Keeper (USA) Stormy Maddie Pedigree   Photo $40,000 Roy Rogers
18 Ch C Gio Ponti (USA) Bella Costa Pedigree   Photo $26,000 David Harrison
19 B F War Chant (USA) Lady Go Bello Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Vernon Brockman
20 B G Casino Prince Schipper Pedigree   Photo $35,000 Paul Jordan
21 Ch F Scandal Keeper (USA) Enticing Smile Pedigree   Photo $26,000 Jimmy Taylor
22 B/Br C Musket City Living Pedigree   Photo $25,000 John Lugg
23 Ch F Discorsi La Folie Pedigree   Photo $23,000 Colin Webster
24 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Mutribah (USA) Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Alanis O'Hara
25 B F War Chant (USA) Ladysea Pedigree   $24,000 Ben Pearce
26 B C Musket Zergo Pedigree   Photo $31,000 Graham Ballantyne
27 Bl/Br F War Chant (USA) Spring Violet Pedigree   Photo $30,000 Boomer B'Stock
28 Bl/Br C War Chant (USA) Heather Pedigree    Photo $34,000 Stephen Miller
29 B/Br F Musket Vain Kiseki Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Len Morton
30 B G Scandal Keeper (USA) Miss Radiant Pedigree   Photo $31,000 Vernon Brockman
31 B F Heritage Irish Rumour Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Lindsey Smith
32 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Mia Casa Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Jill Lewis
33 Bl F Musket Jersey Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Paul Jordan
34 B C Discorsi Dane Shakira Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Rod O'Bree
35 Ch F Scandal Keeper (USA) Miss Castaway Pedigree   Photo $37,000 Damien Wyer
36 B C Musket Caribbean Lady Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Martin Allen
37 B F War Chant (USA) Happy And Famous Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Warren Radford
38 B C Discorsi Exceeding Fortune Pedigree   Photo Passed In  
39 B/Br F Heritage Split Step Pedigree   Photo P/In: Leased Martin Allen
40 B F War Chant Tahoe Queen Pedigree   Photo $20,000 Boomer B'Stock




  Day 1 Day 2
Number of Lots Catalogued 20 13
Number of Lots Sold 14 11
Number of Lots Withdrawn 0 0
Number of Lots Passed In 6 2
Gross Sales $1,282,000 $261,500
Sale Average $91,571.42 $23,772.72
Top Price $340,000 $37,500


Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View (Pedigree   includes Photo) Price Buyer
10 B F Stratum Girl in a Storm Pedigree $55,000 Slade B'Stock
15 B F Beneteau Hasty Bird Pedigree $50,000 Boomer B'Stock
36 B F War Chant (USA) La Sirenuse Pedigree $160,000 Morton Racing
38 B F Encosta de Lago Lady Belvedere Pedigree $90,000 Daniel Pearce
51 Ch C Choisir Lyonnais (IRE) Pedigree $110,000 Trevor Andrews
65 B C War Chant (USA) Miss Belair Pedigree P/In $45,000 Leased
83 Br C Street Boss (USA) Our Game Plan (USA) Pedigree $34,000 Stephen Rowe
95 B F Hard Spun (USA) Pheroz Impose Pedigree P/In $22,500 Leased
103 B F War Chant (USA) Queen's Gem Pedigree $160,000 Boomer B'Stock
123 Gr C Northern Meteor Silver Seam Pedigree $100,000 Neville Parnham
125 B F High Chaparral (IRE) Single Spice Pedigree P/In $45,000 Leased
128 Br C Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Spotless Mind (USA) Pedigree $51,000 Martin Epis
133 Ch C Smart Missile Takeiteasyedye (USA) Pedigree $40,000 Vaughn Sigley
159 B C Beneteau Zaldivar Pedigree $340,000 Neville Parnham
187 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Born Priceless Pedigree P/In $35,000 Leased
188 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Broadway Hit Pedigree $30,000 Gangemi Racing
196 B F War Chant (USA) Citilook Pedigree P/In $32,000 Leased
200 B/Br F War Chant (USA) Colluvium Pedigree $26,000 Paul Martin
204 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Dance on Wood Pedigree $36,000 Durrant Racing
208 B/Br F War Chant (USA) Diamonds and Dust Pedigree P/In $50,000 Leased



Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View (Pedigree   includes Photo Price Buyer
66     WITHDRAWN   Pedigree    
75 B/Br F War Chant (USA) Mount Difficulty Pedigree P/In $36,000 Leased



Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View (Pedigree   includes Photo Price Buyer
229 B F War Chant (USA) Just Superb Pedigree $20,000 Glen Kettlewell
242 B/Gr C War Chant (USA) Lil Elsa Pedigree $25,000 Paige Kenney
249 B F Ready's Image (USA) Marchioness Pedigree $37,500 Aquanita Racing
254 B F Discorsi Mega Me Pedigree P/In $18,000 Reserve $20,000
269 Br F Scandal Keeper (USA) Our Bella Jeune Pedigree $20,000 R & G Humberston
277 Ch C Scandal Keeper (USA) Pretentious Pedigree $20,000 Peter Fernie
286 Ch C Scandal Keeper (USA) Rosie's Bungalow Pedigree $25,000 Justin Warwick
330 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Vainremer Pedigree $20,000 John Chalmers
368 B F Scandal Keeper (USA) Born Princess  Pedigree $20,000 Frank Agostino
378 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Chantilly Rock (IRE) Pedigree $34,000 Brett Pope
381 B C Scandal Keeper (USA) Claise Brooke Pedigree $20,000 R & G Humberston
392 B C Discorsi Dane Shakira Pedigree P/In $16,000 Reserve $20,000
395 B C Musket Diamonds'n'Dreams Pedigree $20,000 Aquanita Racing


Lot # Col Sex Sire Dam View (Pedigree   includes Photo Price Buyer
248 B F War Chant (USA) Maitland Girl Pedigree $4,000 Darryn Pateman